Feature Screenplay  (writing)

Geller High School's Mondo-Secret Crush Committee

They plan like thieves. They sneak like spies. They have one mission: to steal your heart.

Hopeful romantic Drew leads a team of fellow high schoolers who, for a small fee, will use every manner of disguise and deception to kindle romance between clients and their unsuspecting crushes. Consider them covert Cupids. After years of the team’s flawless success rate, Drew goes rogue to pursue a client’s crush, endangering the very secrecy of the group.

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  • Grand Prize Winner, Action/Adventure Category

    New York Screenplay Contest

  • Finalist - Best Romantic Comedy Feature Screenplay

    Reno Comedy Film Festival

  • 1st Place Winner, Feature Screenplay Category

    Written Image Screenwriting Competition

  • Official Selection

    Austin Comedy Film Festival

  • Official Selection

    Chicago Screenplay Awards

  • Semi-Finalist

    Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival


The writing is sharp. The characters are wonderful, and the dialogue is first-rate. It has incredible market potential. It has everything one asks for in a script.

New York Screenplay Contest

Smart, highly original, and very entertaining.

New York Screenplay Contest

This story has great commercial potential and could really resonate with audiences.

Creative World Awards

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