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About C.J.

C.J. is a media creator specializing in genre-driven and human interest content.

As a writer, C.J. was named one of the Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch by the International Screenwriters' Association. He has won grand prizes in the 43rd Asian-American International Film Festival's Screenplay Competition, the New York Screenplay Contest, and Columbia College Chicago's Written Image contest in the Alumni Feature Screenplay category.

As a video director, C.J. has directed for big names such as The Second City, McDonald's, Chef Boyardee, Motorola, and the Heaven's Door whiskey brand co-created by Bob Dylan. C.J.'s directing work has been featured in multiple international festivals. He won Best Director, Best LGBTQ Short, Best Original Story, and Best Horror Short at the Independent Shorts Awards. His work also won Best Series/Pilot at the Deep Focus Film Festival and the Audience Award for Best Horror Short at Out on Film: Atlanta's LGBTQ+ Festival.

C.J. served as video editor for the historic Biden for President campaign in the fall of 2020. Previously, he has edited content for Walgreens, GE, Hanes, Orbitz, Clorox, Nissan, and Secret Deodorant, with millions of views on branded social media channels, in-store displays, online training portals, and broadcast television. C.J. is currently editing Art & Pep, a feature documentary about the owners of Sidetrack, an iconic Chicago gay bar and wellspring of LGBT+ activism for over four decades.

C.J. co-created and directed Lavender Scare, a horror anthology podcast featuring audio plays written and performed by LGBT+ artists. He also co-hosts Bottle Episodes, a podcast that discusses TV episodes that take place in a single location. Both shows are available on podcatchers everywhere, including Apple and Spotify.

C.J. is currently based in Brooklyn, NY.


The writing is sharp. The characters are wonderful, and the dialogue is first-rate. It has incredible market potential. It has everything one asks for in a script.

New York Screenplay Contest

C.J. Arellano’s video design is sharp and dynamic.

Time Out Chicago

The show boasts slick video design by C.J. Arellano.

Chicago Reader

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