THE AMPERSAND INN: Start Spreading the News

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writinghorrorWorkByCJArellanoPublished May 12, 2022, 9:12 PM

WOWEE WOW WOW! Thank you so much to the New York International Screenplay Awards for awarding my script The Ampersand Inn with the First Place Gold Award in the Feature Screenplay category! The awards ceremony at DROM Music Venue in the East Village was in many ways more exciting than the win itself. I will never not love meeting and connecting with fellow writers and filmmakers who just want to make things.  

Super incredible thanks to my super incredible pals Kevin and Adam for coming along for the ride, being my emotional support buddies, and taking these sweet pics of me fumbling through absurdly unprepared remarks. (Once I bring up Doctor Who, I KNOW I’m rambling.) The ceremony reminded me that awards are terrific, but it’s the people - friends and fellow artists - who make magic that lasts.

As for “The Ampersand Inn,” it is so stupidly close to my heart; I started it in 2014 and wrote over 300 pages in botched attempts. Imagine my giddiness the morning after I finished a single draft that worked even a little bit:

"The Ampersand Inn" is unproduced! Wanna help me make it? Slip’n’slide into my inbox!