LOVE, VICTOR: Come Out for Some Wholesome Gay Fun

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actingdirectingwritingtelevisioncomedyPublished December 14, 2020, 5:38 PM

I’ve been enjoying Love, Victor on Hulu. Like many coming-out journeys, it’s dotted with joyful highs and cringe-y lows. 

As an avid consumer of Love, Simon, Never Have I Ever, and other colorful teen rom coms I wish I had growing up, I dissected all 10 episodes of Love, Victor season 1:

The pros: stellar cast, fun characters, feel-good vibes overall.

The cons: some awkward and underdeveloped writing.

Despite the bumpy road, this show wins my heart. I’ll definitely be hopping on this Ferris Wheel ride of self-discovery when the final season debuts in June 2022.