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11:57 PM

by C.J. Arellano

feature screenplay

winner of the 2013 Columbia College Chicago

winner of the 2012 New York Screenplay Contest:

SUMMARY: Four teens run heist-like
operations to match clients with their crushes.


short story

Golden Hustler Award
for best short story of the year

SUMMARY: A child pianist experiences 
a fantasia in more ways than one.


short story

published in The Bookends Review

SUMMARY: A college loner shares 
a ghostly experience with his father's assistant.


short story

published in Underground Voices

SUMMARY: A grocery stockboy
has unsettling designs on his classmate.


short story

published in Word Riot

SUMMARY: A forgotten schoolteacher
encounters an agent of the afterlife.


short story - flash fiction

winner of the 2007 New Times SLO "55 Fiction" challenge (fifth writer down)

SUMMARY: A mother instructs her son.


TV spec script for NBC's The Office

finalist in the 2006 Acclaim TV

SUMMARY: Michael forces his employees
to work on Independence Day.

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11:08 PM

by C.J. Arellano

- Feature article about how economic trends are affecting fashion trends
- Cover story listing holiday gift ideas from local Chicago businesses
- Feature story weighing the pros and cons of fashion education in Chicago

- essay dissecting the nonspeaking characters 
of David Lynch's Eraserhead (page 72)

- Essay rebuking the underground film titled Homotopia
- Interview with Project Runway winner Daniel Vosovic

- Review for Molly McNett's book, One Dog Happy

- Movie review for Man on Wire
- Movie review for Idlewild
- Movie review for The Ron Clark Story
- Movie review for Snakes on a Plane (article in right-hand column)
- Movie review for The Wicker Man
- Movie review for Zoom


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blog by C.J. and Aireen Arellano
art and analysis of TV reruns

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